LayerWise:  Your Freedom in metal Rapid Manufacturing

The Metal Rapid Manufacturing service of LayerWise allows the direct digital production of entirely functional components. By taking advantage of the possibilities of LayerWise Rapid Manufacturing technology, very complex metal components can be manufactured that were even impossible to produce conventionally! Further advantages are the short lead times, the absence of tooling, function integration and an unprecedented production flexibility that makes metal Rapid Manufacturing a valuable tool for the production of unique components, customized products and small series.

DentWise:  Dental products through metal Rapid Manufacturing

DentWise is the dental product line of the LayerWise company offering dental products. All DentWise prosthetic frameworks are produced using LayerWise’ patented and innovative Selective Laser Melting technology. Trough this digital production, DentWise offers implant supported bridge and overdenture constructions to dental labs all over Europe.

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